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The Japan Times

Women of Taste: Fromage Sen Creates a Cheese that Japan Can Call Its Own

Dive Into Rural Japanese Life and Get Comfortable Working with Your Hands

Women of Taste: Yoko Nagatomo Shiomi: An Unusual Heir to a 144-year-old Miso Brewery

Women of Taste: VinVie Breathes New Life (and Cider) into Matsukawa

Women of Taste: Want a Deeper Understanding of Tokyo’s Culinary Landscape? Just Ask Yukari Sakamoto.

Women of Taste: Dawn Club Culinary Group Shines a Light on Tsugaru’s Traditional Cuisine

Women of Taste: Keiko Seto Pushes the Limits of Vegan Food

Women of Taste: The Ever-evolving Curiosity of Ayako Suwa

Women of Taste: Masayo Funakoshi: Making a Place for Art in the Kitchen

Women of Taste: Yuri Nomura: The Interplay Between Good Food and a Good Life

Zen on Zoom: Community Meditation Moves Online

Women of Taste: Yubako Kamohara: Taking Center Counter at Tsurutokame

Women of Taste: Not a Sake Lover? You Just Haven’t Met Sommelier Yuki Imanishi

Women of Taste: Elizabeth Andoh: Writer, Chef, World-renowned Washoku Expert

Women of Taste: For Chef Yoko Higuchi, Honesty is the Best Policy

Women of Taste: Marie-Josee Laforest: Harvesting the Rewards of Organic Permaculture

Women of Taste: Appetizing Tales Begin with the Plate

Women of Taste: Chie Nishimura: Reducing Food Waste Jar by Jar

Women of Taste: In Oiso, Lee Utsumi’s Bakery is on the Rise

Women of Taste: Takako Yoshino’s Growing Community of Farmers

For Eat Local Kobe, It’s Important to Stick Close to Your Roots

Sameya, Making Shark Profitable and Delicious

Making the Case for Heirloom Farming

Civil Eats

Farming While Black is a Guidebook to Dismantle Systemic Racism

These Farmers are Bringing Local and Organic Herbs to the Medicine Cabinet

Modern Farmer

Q&A: James McSweeney Taps Into the Other Black Gold

Q&A: A Modern Advocate for Traditional Farming

Japan’s Craft Beer Movement Takes Off


Refugees in Japan help give rural communities a competitive edge

Tokyo Weekender

Vegetarian in Japan: Chef Amanda Cohen Calls Tokyo “a Wild West”

Sip Tea in the Clouds at Mount Oyama’s Teahouse Sekison

48 Hours in Miyazaki: The Heartbeat of Japan

Locale Meguro: How Owner Katy Cole is Making a Fresh Mark on Tokyo’s Farm-to-Table Scene

Metropolis Magazine

New Year, New Mind: The Rejuvenating Power of Zazen and Yoga

Nakkame Takkyu Lounge: Ping Pong, Headis, and Art Come Together in Yokohama

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Savvy Tokyo

Get Your Veg Fix in Tokyo with These Vegetable Delivery Boxes

Growing the Farm-to-Table Concept in Tokyo

Get a Feel for Tochigi Prefecture’s Signature Craft

The ACCJ Journal

Kanagawa’s Hidden Gems

Hot Spot: Why Oita is a Special Place

BCCJ Acumen

Shimane: Art, Iron, and Gods – BCCJ Acumen

Outdoor Japan

Market Watch Column

Permaculture Magazine 

Mycorrhizal Planet Review

Building Resilience After Earthquakes

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